Stanford University

Brian Sha is a researcher, teaching fellow, and graduate student at Stanford University, where he also serves on the BOSP Faculty Executive Committee.

He worked as a Teaching Fellow at Stanford University where he helped initiate Stanford’s first dual-enrollment Computer Science program, which awards Stanford credit to talented high school students from low-income communities and underrepresented backgrounds.

He has worked as a researcher for the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) on the Artificial Intelligence Index (supported by Stanford, Google, MIT, McKinsey, and OpenAI, among others).

He was part of the Stanford team that won first prize in the Rotman International Trading Competition’s Algorithmic Trading Case. As a software engineer and researcher at one of the top quantitative hedge funds in the world, he helped manage an investment portfolio using cutting-edge AI, ML, and Data Science.

Contact: brians ‘at’